Saturday, November 14, 2009

I've been busy, these records took up some time....

Holy shit I have not been on here much, you know that last post where I say that I am super busy and should have time? LIES!!! I had none to little time, work, DJing, a few shows, and trying to make time to listen to records, and I apologize for this thing taking a back seat, to records, Eldridge, going to shows, and oh yeah the old lady too…Anyway, while I was doing most of those things I was buying and listening to records…here are a few, first with the one I am listening to the right now.

Dead To Me “African Elephants”.

I am not one of those guys who finds not out yet records on the interweb to download and listen to; I am just not that internet crafty. But, this record “leaked” I guess, and then Nate played me the myspace leak of it, and it’s great, in my top ten of the year. The week the record came out; they played Yucca, and holy fuck! They are without Jack, as I am sure you heard, but god damned! To quote a die hard One Man Army friend, “I am glad Jack left, because they wouldn’t have made this record with him in the band”. And that shit is so true, I love this record, get it, listen, and let it absorb, listen again, and go see them.

When I was talking about shows, I meant I booked a couple, one of them, emphasized why I do shows, to have my friends play that are in bands I love…And good god do I have a few records from one of that show. First Ready The Jet on Asian Man Records. Let me explain a little back story. Matt (guitar, vocals) and Jay (drums, my old roommate) were in a band together back in CT that I loved, Mi6. When they both ended up in LA they formed this band. Think Husker Du and replacements, yeah you know I love it! Anyway, this two song 7” is amazing, I suggest you pick it up…..

Ready The Jet also did this great split 7” with Japanese Monsters, if not alone, then certainly one, of my favorite local bands. Not only do both sides of this record have some of the sweetest mother fuckers playing on it, but also this slab has four of the best songs. If it were up to me, then both of these bands would play every show I went to, to ensure that the night would kick optimal ass!!!

On the same bill was Andrew Jackson Jihad, who as well are some amazing motherfuckers from good ‘ole Arizona making great music. This is without a doubt their greatest record. This makes me proud to have them in my hometown! Good dudes, who give great hugs!

My ears have a crush on Pretty Boy Thorson and the F’n A’s! I have played their 7”s over and over, and I finally got the LP, and seriously I listened every morning before work for at least a week! Great record, amazing live. I have told anyone who would listen how much I love this record! Makes days start better with a couple listens!

Kris Kristofferson writes the best songs. I go months were I hear his songs in my head. He isn’t just the Hollywood face in the Highwaymen.

Tim Barry. Do you personally know me? They you know my love of Avail. If you don’t know me, well I love Avail*. Tim Barry was in Avail, he now makes beautiful solo records. He has a leg up on anyone else on the Revival Tour. Have yet to listen to the flip side, and I like Frank Turner, but he isn’t Tim Barry.

Slayer, I have bought ever record they have put out from and including Seasons In The Abyss the day they came out. Exceptions, God Hates Us All, it was September 11th, stores did not open. And this one, I was broke. It had to wait 11 days till I had $$. It is great, about on par with Christ Illusions, except better produced.

If this band was called the Steve Version I’d still like it, but as it is it is called The Tim Version, and it contains the elements I love about Jawbreaker, Leatherface and Gram Parsons. This is the latest of their records I have obtained. If anyone associated with the North Park Awesome fast is reading this, next year, please?

There was more I was going to write, and such, but as it stands I am about to go eat and go bowling, and computers can’t hold a match to burritos and rolling some heavy ball, sorry! Here are some pictures of other records I like…..

That one is Eldridge on his Birthday!

*=Seriously, Avail is not only the greatest thing ever, but Tim Barry played my backyard one, it was sort of like how the Pope feels about god...

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