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Here we are with another installment of Johnny Volume Record Time! This blog has had two purposes, one to talk about records, and two to talk about Arizona music. I haven’t kept up, excuses and all; with this blog in general never mind with keeping both agendas! Well this edition of the blog will! I present to you some fantastic fucking records that have come out somewhat recently of Arizona Bands and/or Arizona labels! Get excited!!!

We’ll start with a couple of non records! First A-1 Pilsner Beer, Brewed by Nimbus Brewing Company in Tucson. I had been looking for a good AZ brew for a while, and none really got me. I had heard about A-1, that I guess was brewed in AZ till like the 60’s. It went under, and then was revived by Nimbus. It’s certainly one of my favorites now. But it’s not carried in a lot places. I got 6 pack at Tops and it ran me $10, which for a Schlitz, PBR, High Life man like me, is costly, but well worth it! Just cause I am a cheap beer guy, don’t assume that about A-1, I guess some folks would call it a craft beer, I don’t know what that means!

Next we have the Avon Ladies demo. Ripping hard core feat. members of Elders, Rumspringer, Hotdog! And I think h100’s. Great, brutal hc, watch out if you go see them, you might get hit by a flying object!

A couple of months ago this amazing 12” comp came out of some really great Arizona bands. Personality Disorder was a combined effort of me, May Cause Dizziness Records and the fellas of The idea was for us all to pick some Arizona bands. Admittedly this comp was in no way a representation of all geographical, or stylistically diverse bands in AZ, but rather just ones we each liked. I chose some bands that are no longer around for different reason. (IE Japanese Monsters have been a favorite of mine, that I constantly tried to get people to pay attention to, and Streetside Prophets recorded an amazing record that never came out. And in light of recent popularity of Rumspringer, should be heard) But also there are AZ old timers Casket Life, Impossible Ones, and Jason Devore of Authority Zero (locked track even!) along with Hotdog!, Father Figures, Automatic Erasers, Good Men Die Like Dogs, Lenguas Largas, Cagematch, Plainfield Butchers, Said Gun, and Scottsdale douches Bro Loaf! It’s a great looking record, of course as all Of May Cause Dizziness Records look good, with a nice black paper sleeve, and as mentioned lock track! Some folks don’t like locked tracks, but that shit is cool, sort of like bonus track!

Switching gears a little bit, here is a great new release from King Of The Monsters Records, Altars Hella split 7”. One or both of these bands are from Iran, and are sick lo-fi black metal! This version is LTD to 100 white vinyl with alternative cover! The Halla side is my favorite, pick this up and listen to the bass lines, sooo good. I love the black metal, and this was right up my alley! While you are over at KOTM pick up the re-release of the Gehenna "Upon The Gravehill" lp, I believe the purple ltd. To 100 are gone, but still get the black. Also KOTM will be releasing the OSS 7”, next Royal Monsters 7” and an Elders lp. Keep an eye out for those!

Oh yeah, and there is no labels on the record!

Local punk gone country stalwart Chip Hanna(One Man Army & US Bombs) released a new 7” “OUTLAWS” via Rockstar Records, if you picked up his “Old Country” LP you know you are in for a good looking record, and sounding great is a given! Chip celebrates Bonnie Parker’s 100th Birthday with an A Side with lyrics taken from a poem by Bonnie and music by Chip. Side B is a Tom T Hall track about Clyde Barrow & Bonnie. The green cover yellow vinyl is LTD to 100, and you can get it domestically via May Cause Dizziness Records!

The LTD green cover, yellow vinyl version!

Two newer bands released a great split recently via Tortilla Chip Records. Good Men Die Like Dogs have released a fantastic 10” and a great 7” based on the form of a letter, both I highly suggest! Here they pair up with That’s Life, who have been playing some great shows and finally get a recording out. Both are bands that I make an effort, sometimes unsuccessfully, but I do try, to see. I really like both a lot and I am seriously stoked on this release! Available on black, green and if you can’t see the one on the far right, “mix”. Go on over to Tortilla Chip and get all the releases they have put out!

This one is really an unknown to me, and I think to a lot of people around town who would love it. I tend to wonder into Eastside with no real agenda pretty often, and this Trade Winds was suggested to me on the promise that I would love it. And fuck do I? Sloppy lo-fi pop punk done right! I know nothing of the band; other then they do not exist any longer! Go on down to Eastside and get it!

This Nightgaun 7” is really great too! Still kind of a newer band, that I really enjoy seeing live. This is sort of noisy straight ahead punk rock. I am not going to try and describe the music, but the record itself is a nice sky blue. Great record! See them if you can, very good, and very fun!

Who loves Arizona? Dirtcult Records does! They release the debut of Hotdog! (ex & current too many to list!) Lo-fi, fun and so not serious punk rock! This will no doubt be so refreshing next to whatever you are listening to now! This is a split w/Hairdos On Fire, which is a member of Shang-A-Lang, you need no other reason to buy! So go!

Also Dirtcult released the 2nd 7” by Lenguas Largas! This record is fantastic, if you aren’t hooked on the A side, “Lonely Summertime” then your ears don’t work! This is the LTD to 100, and long gone, gold vinyl! And also Dirtcult released the 7” version of Shark Pants Automatic Pinner, which was a cd for an overseas tour, I believe. LTD Blue (not sure how many) and black vinyl! As you can see on the website, they are also releasing a new Earthmen & Strangers split 7”!

I think it’ll be hard pressed for me to find a favorite this year over this record! Rumspringer’s debut full length Empty Towers has gotten a lot of play on my turntable since it came out. This is such a great record, I could gush over it for days, but will hold back the urge to do so! Just pick this up if you haven’t already! It also is one of my favorite covers! Great record!

I was going to mention a few other records too, the Sheriff Joe 7" feat. a new Andrew Jackson Jihad song, on Sheriff Joe's pink underware color vinyl! And the new Destruction Unit lp, on perfectly Round Records, who also released a fantastic Earthmen & Strangers 7". But I've had a few A-1s so I think I am just gonna put on a record and fall asleep. Maybe we'll leave those records for next time!

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