Sunday, January 23, 2011

Top Records Of 2010*

Well like nearly everyone I know, I have my favorite records of the past year. I have made this tape with a bunch of songs from said records as well, if you want one email me, and maybe I’ll have some left to send you, no promises though!

I have a serious problem ranking the records I do love from the year, and used to pain over deciding if a record deserved #4 or #5, but no longer. They are like my children and can’t place an order. So with that in mind, the tape was separated geographically only, Side AZ bands, Side Bands from other places! And like any good mix tape I tried to make each song segue into the next and create some sort of mood, rather then just placing tracks next to each other for some other reason. It’s kind of like what I try to do whilst DJing. Sometimes this is an utter failure and it all sounds like shit, but sometimes, and I think this tape showcases this, it comes together very nicely to make up a mix that is enjoyable to listen to, if I don’t say so myself. So, having said that, this tape doesn’t feature a song from all of the records I loved last year. For example the Off With Their Heads record IN DESOLATION, would push come to shove make my top 5, but no track from that record made the tape. One reason was that I seriously couldn’t find the right spot in the mix for it. And two, almost all of you have probably heard it…Now with that in mind here are some records I loved last year….What did you dig on?

Tape track listing...
Side AZ

1. The Answer –Casket Life

2. Sea Monster –Japanese Monsters

3. Complimentary Close- Good Men Die Like Dogs

4. Forever Alone –Tradewinds

5. Dear Mom- That’s Life

6. Again & Again & Again- Royal Monsters

7. Like Fangs –Cagematch

8. Reign Of Death & Raining Blood & Death & Stuff- Hotdog!

9. Painter –Earthmen & Strangers

10. Lonely Summertime – Lenguas Largas

11. Seems Like A Flusher –Rumspringer

12. Ex-Mas- The Chortys

13. Eclipse – Destruction Unit

14. Have You Ever Been Hit By A Flying Saucer? –Al Foul

15. Outlaws Billy The Kid & Clyde Barrow –Chip Hanna

16. Lonely Has A New Name – Tony Martinez

17. Truck City –Flathead

Side Bands from other places

1. The Envelope Song –The Arrivals

2. Simple Pleasures In America –The Arrivals

3. Effortless Amnesiac-Swingin’ Utters

4. Tears In My Beers –Mean Jeans

5. Drink To Win –Modern Action

6. Amazing Race –Boats!

7. Public Domain –The Dopamines

8. Substandard –Sundowners

9. The Other Side –Marked Men

10. Past Due –Potential Johns

11. Get Our Kicks –The Spits

12. You’ll Always Be My Girl-Vacation Bible School

13. Cindy’s Gonna Save Me –Young Governor

14. Last Caress –Dum Dum Girls

15. Bound –Parting Gifts

16. Haunted – Black Wine

17. Breathe Out –RVIVR

18. The Night Accelerates –forgetters

19. Higher Education – The Stitches

*=This can not be overstated, THIS IS IN NO WAY A RANKING!!!!!!!
(But those last two were my favorite two!)

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