Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Candy Cigarettes, Capguns, Issue Problems! and Such

Asian Man Records have issued this new Andrew Jackson Jihad collection of B sides, singles, comp tracks and a few previously unreleased tracks.

No doubt you will recognize a good amount of this stuff, as a majority has been out before, but it always cool to get stuff packaged together. It looks good, and Sean has some pretty funny quips inside about the material and his Grandmother thinking that You Tube is their web site. I would suggest picking it up soon, as it seems to be pretty limited. In fact it seems to be a weird pressing amount, 686.
(226 Black)

(234 Green)

(226 White)

Also word is that AJJ have nearly if not fully, completed their new full length, in addition No Idea has had listed as coming soon a split 9” with O Pioneers, for some time now, so obviously keep your eyes open. Oh also on the AJJ front, head on over to silversprocket.net for some AJJ pillowcases, seriously.
Till next time....

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