Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Come On Die Young s/t 7" Record Release version.

This week saw the release of a fine Arizona bands debut recording, Come On Die Young’s self titled four song 7”. This release is also the debut release from their bass players own new label Man In Decline Records. These versions are from their record release show, July 9th at the Nile Basement with Joyce Manor, Rumspringer and the other band I didn’t see.

There are two versions of the record release version, LTD to 40 total, 20 of each. Transparent covers with blank color paper behind them,

and blue.

The Vinyl is also colored. Red cover has red streaky vinyl,

and the blue is clear with black streaks, very nice looking.

Certainly an impressive layout for a labels first release, each record also comes with a download code! I understand that there will be other LTD versions of the record as well, people like me love multiple versions of records, and this blog is proof! So stay tuned to here for more editions to come!

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