Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dead To Me!

Wow, I haven't done one of these in a long time, no one's fault but mine!!! Anyway, I had this one in mind for a while, but I wanted to wait for Dead To Me's newest record, Moscow Penny Ante to actually come out and include it. There were many delays, from somewhere, and I am after all, very lazy, so anyway, here it is....I usually do a best record of the year list at the end of each year, but for some reason, (see above, that I am lazy maybe?) I never did. Had I, no doubt, Moscow Penny Ante would have been very high on said list, top 5 at least. Not only is it a great record, (if you haven't gotten it, for shame, go now and buy it) but it is also a beautiful record! Great layout, and of course awesome color vinyl. So I'll show you all of their records to date on color. (I maybe missing one or two of 7" colors, fuck, my collection is faulted. But you know I also don't own Little Brother on black...massive failure)
Anyway here you go, pictures telling stories, you don't want me to rant any longer about, enjoy! And seriously, pick up any and all of these, black vinyl most likely, as I think most of these colors are hard to find.
LPS: Cuban Ballerina, Clear of 199.

Little Brother, Orange of 321

African Elephants, Blue of 408

Moscow Penny Ante, Yellow Black swirl of 497

Singles: Riverboat Gamblers/Dead To Me/Off With Their Heads 3 way tour split Tan Black Splatter of 500, Pink w/ White of 510, Black of ??

Wait For It Shield Recordings version Gold of 150, White of 350, Black of 500

Wait For It Brick Gun Records version Black of 800. I guess there are 100 of Oxblood/Gold Splatter, and 100 Orange of this...Anyone want to give me one of each? No? Didn't think so...

Under The Influence split w/ Flatliners White of 300, there is also Green (1,000) and Yellow (700) I didn't have the $ for the bundle, I'll live, somehow....

Covering Fugazi even, nice, great version of an awesome song....
For the record, my favorites are MPN, cause it's a great combo of colors...

And AE, as I love a deep marble, esp. blue....


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