Wednesday, August 12, 2009

American Steel, New Trust, Rumspringer, Cagematch tonight @ SETS

It seems that tonight’s American Steel show has slipped under some people’s radar, how? It’s American Steel! Their new record, Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts, is great. I loved Destroy Their Future, but this one is a little more even. Some real hooks and gems on it, although I haven’t been home to spend enough time with it, yeah my iPOD is broken, and the cd player in my car has a cd stuck in it. So it is records at home only, pretty much. Anyway come out to the show tonight and pick up a copy. Also on the show is our own local darlings RUMSPRINGER!!! These guys are so great, you really should see them if you haven’t yet. I loved Streetside Prophet, and really who didn’t??? And I love anything and all things Mikey Wretch, and again, who doesn’t??? Razorcake called them the princes of Tempe, so you know that holds for a lot for me. They have a few split 7”s out as well as a great 10” which is also available as a cd for those of you who don’t own a turntable (and who are you????) The show is at the Sets, so all ages welcome, for those over 21 there is a PBR special, so you can’t loose! And don’t give me no shit about the weeknight thing, because weekday shows are the best! Did you read the myspace blog I wrote about that? No? Well here it is…..

I'll tell you what I love, going to shows. Drinkin' a beer, having a good time, watch a band rock out for the few people that came out to see them on a Monday night. That's what it's all about, you will see the best bands ever giving it there all in a dive, no matter how many people are there. If you forgot about rock and roll, this is where it is still alive and for real. These bands aren't crying over a rider, PA, or guest lists. Rancid did this once, Wilco did this once, the fucking Who did this once. Yeah I am bummed out that Green Day tickets are more then I can afford, and the venue will have $8 watered down Buds. But down the street some kids on a Tuesday is going to rock the fuck out with dollar Pabsts.

So hope you all can make it out, see you there when I get out of work @ The Method Man/Redman/Ghostface show…Yeah yer jealous!

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