Friday, August 14, 2009

Move to Portland, I'd like to put my feet up on the bar stool you were sitting in.

You know what really grinds my gears? When people shit talk Phoenix, or Arizona in general. Maybe it’s because I am not originally from here, so I haven’t built up a shit load of resentment for never having been anywhere else, but it’s fuckin’ pathetic. I felt CT was no longer the place for me, I didn’t like many things about it, so I moved. I love Arizona, Tempe especially, and never want to leave. There are awesome bands from here, shows coming through pretty often, the weather kicks ass, Eastside records around the corner, bars I like to hang out at, great friends, shit really, it goes on and on. But what I hear constantly is how it’s not LA, NY, or fuckin’ Portland! THEN GO, GET THE FUCK OUT!!! Stop bitching about a place I love, and go be a small fish in the big hipster cities, please! The bars could use a little more elbow room around here. The worst is when some shall remain nameless bands do the same thing. You have nerve! People come and support your shitty ass band and all you can do is talk about how the scene sucks here and it should be more like blank, blank or blank. Well you know those same places have so many flavors of the week, that your tired act wouldn’t get noticed, or maybe even booked on any shows! Bite the ear that listens to your band, you are the Mike Tyson of local bands, dicks. So go, leave, I’ll be wearing my “Love Phoenix or Leave Phoenix” shirt, watching the Suns game @ Casey’s, drinking a 8Th Street, after buying the new Andrew Jackson Jihad record from Eastside. I do it the Tempe way....


  1. I'm with you. Bitches have no clue to the hordes of aweosme shit they're missing out here. Fuck 'em.

  2. 9th and ash on a tuesday night!

  3. wow - you nailed it! not to mention, i hate those who constantly compare PHX to other cities. guess what, it's not any other city, it's fucking PHX and if you don't like how it is, be proactive: want more music, more culture, more food, more independent businesses, more film, more art? GO OUT AND SUPPORT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE, D-BAG! there are so many ways to get involved in the buregoning PHX scene, especially downtown, and i rarely see anyone willing to put down their beer, get off their ass, and do anything about it.

    and, fyi, i am from here, and haven't built up resentment for anything but the above-mentioned people.